Why Made to Measure

Sleep Made to Measure–What is it and Why is it Important? We’re often asked about our name–Sleep Made to Measure–and what compelled the name, as well as why pillows made to measure are important.  We wanted to take some time to explain how our name came to be and why custom made organic latex pillows are so important for a good night’s sleep. puzzle Finding the right pillow means examining multiple facets of your life and your person to determine what kind of pillow and what size of pillow will serve you best. That’s what a custom made pillow has to offer. Sleep Made to Measure is not only all natural organic latex, but it is the kind of pillow that you are proud to buy and proud to give. Why Custom Made Pillows? You wouldn’t buy the wrong size shoes, or go to bed in a nightgown that didn’t fit you. You wouldn’t buy a mattress that was too short for your body, but many people don’t stop and think about the problems that could ensue if they are using a pillow that isn’t made for their own special circumstances. Everyone sleeps differently. The position in which you sleep is unique and the way that you sleep matters when it comes to your pillow. Your weight matters. The density of your body dictates the density of your pillow. Custom made organic latex pillows give you the support that you need. The kind of mattress that you’re using, how much give it has and how old or new it may be is also part of the equation. Any medical conditions that you have will make a difference in the kind of pillow that you need.Neck pain, slipped disks and other conditions will make the pillow that you need totally unique from anyone else’s. As you can see, the kind of pillow that you’re using can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep and whether you wake feeling fresh and  rested or you don’t. The next time you wake with that crick in your neck or the feeling that you’ve tossed and turned all night, ask yourself why–and then consider a custom made organic latex pillow made just for you by Sleep Made to Measure. Save Save Save
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