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Pillows Made To Measure

Improve Your Sleep and Health


You can now measure yourself online and have the perfect pillow made to measure.


"After thirty years in practice I was continually frustrated by never being able to recommend a pillow that suits patient's individual needs. So I developed Pillows Made to Measure a world first in designing an individual pillow that helps you discover sleeping comfort.

Considering a third of your life is spent in bed, and the health benefits of a sound, restful night's sleep, you don't just need a good pillow, you need the perfect pillow.

At Pillows Made to Measure we use a world-first, patented Neck Compression Index ruler to get the perfect pillow tailored for you.

To have your perfect pillow made, you must first be measured using:

1. Our exclusive online measuring system Or 

2. You can request a measuring kit sent to you in the mail Or

3. Visiting one of our registered Health Care professionals, for a pillow that suits you, your bed and your sleeping pattern.

Dr Andrew Macfarlane D.O., D.C., Dip. Acup. Osteopath & Chiropractor

How we make your perfect pillow

Our neck compression index (NCi) ruler allows us to match your new pillow's density - firmness or softness - and height to you, your bed type and sleeping habits. It truly is a unique pillow that no other manufacturer can offer.  

How you sleep

The way you sleep is critical in developing a sound sleeping pattern. And your pillow needs to suit that position.

Your weight

Your weight determines the amount of support (density or firmness) your pillow needs to offer you so that your shoulder and neck muscles can be held in a neutral position.

Your build

Your shoulder width in conjunction with your bed will determine the height your pillow needs to be so that your head and neck are held in a neutral position and fully relaxed.

Your bed

The type of bed you sleep on will also vary the height and support your pillow needs to give you.

The result

The result is a pillow that will suit you perfectly with ideal neck support giving the best night’s sleep possible. 

In a retail store our pillow would cost more than $300! But because we’re online and work through trusted Healthcare Professionals we can offer an affordable good night’s sleep to everyone.The best quality affordable ‘made to measure’ pillow is delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia!

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The Neck Compression Index (NCi) Pillows Made To Measure are:



  • Made from 100% Certified Organic latex.
  • Match your NCi rating so vary in size and density to suit your individual sleeping needs.
  • Are contoured to help match the natural shape of your neck and support your shoulder muscles.
  • Constructed using ventilation holes top and bottom to allow for natural air flow and ventilation.
  • Come with a under jersey cover and a fitted Cotton outer cover.
  • Are embossed with our PMM code which means it is the genuine real product that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.
  • Are totally biodegradable.
  • This pillow is able to fit in to a standard pillow case or cover with the exception of the extreme large ones.
  • As a bonus each pillow is supplied with a fitted 100% cotton pillow cover.

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