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Pillows Made To Measure

Improve Your Sleep and Health


You can now measure yourself online and have the perfect pillow made to measure.



Developed by Dr Andrew Macfarlane DC, DO

We have developed a unique (world's first) method of measuring your head and neck and then matching your sleeping habits, bed and build to the height and density of the pillow.

This ensures that you are getting the best possible combination of comfort support and your pillow does not lose its shape.



Each Pillow Made to Measure™ is made from 100% Certified Organic Latex.


How we make your perfect pillow


Our neck compression index (NCi) ruler allows us to match your new pillow's density - firmness or softness - and height to you, your bed type and sleeping habits. It truly is a unique pillow that no other manufacturer can offer.  


How you sleep

The way you sleep is critical in developing a sound sleeping pattern. And your pillow needs to suit that position.

Your weight

Your weight determines the amount of support (density or firmness) your pillow needs to offer you so that your shoulder and neck muscles can be held in a neutral position.

Your build

Your shoulder width in conjunction with your bed will determine the height your pillow needs to be so that your head and neck are held in a neutral position and fully relaxed.

Your bed

The type of bed you sleep on will also vary the height and support your pillow needs to give you.


The result


The result is a pillow that will suit you perfectly with ideal neck support giving the best night’s sleep possible. 


How to order your NCi pillow


STEP 1. Take your measurements

You have a choice of two ways to be measured:

1. Using our exclusive online measuring system available on this site (Hold your mouse over the icon for a demonstration of how easy it is with a webcam)


2. You can request a measuring kit to be sent to you in the mail


STEP 2. Buy your pillow from our online store for only $124 including delivery to your door


STEP 3. We make your NCi pillow using your measurements and all the information you provide us.


Your Pillow Made To Measure should arrive at your door within 10 working days after sending through your measurements.




Our Guarantee

We promise this pillow will help you sleep better so that you wake up refreshed. If, after using the pillow for 30 days you are not satisfied, you can either exchange and let us find the perfect pillow for you or you can return it for a full refund.




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